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Lowrance On Water Training

     Name: Larry Hutchens

     Products: Lowrance
     Area Served: East Texas/North Dallas

     Focus: Fresh Water
     Yrs Experience: 30

     Phone: 971-570-0808

     Email: Schedule Your Training with Larry


Introduced to Marine Electronics at a early age by my dad. Growing up in WI fishing for Bass, Walleye and Crappie. Fishing from the boat and through the ice we used the first Lowrance Electronics  “The Green Box” Sonar Flasher. Learning early that to catch fish first you have to find them. I was a fan of Lowrance before moving to Oregon in 1985 and started working with Lowrance in 1986 supporting sales and educating customers of Lowrance products at Bass Tournaments, Sportsman Shows, Lowrance Learning Center and local Lowrance dealers. Being a big fan in finding fish that other fisherman have not found is only possible with the understanding and use of sonar and GPS. Fishing 15 to 20 Bass Tournaments a year from West Coast to Southern US that has been my goal to find unmolested fish the entire time and continues today. The use of Electronics was critical and the only way to accomplish this. In the last 3 yrs have taken my experience with searching for Bass to finding those unmolested Salmon Hover fishing.   The growth of Marine Electronics has exploded in the last decade and today if you use a computer or a smartphone your Lowrance Sonar/GPS work with the same technology. It’s been a long and exciting road from the flasher to touch screen units. All the fishing and navigation tools available to expand your fishing knowledge and get the Max Performance from your investment are there for the learning. Lowrance Product Certified.

HDS Live 5lb Bass
Lowrance On Water Training

      Name: John Keizer

      Products: Lowrance, Simrad    

      Area Served: Puget Sound, Westport, WA Areas     

      Focus: Salt Water     

      Yrs Experience: 30

      Phone: 253-355-1986

      Email: Schedule Your Training with Capt. John



Capt. John Keizer, a well known outdoor writer for local fishing magazines, newspapers and national sport fishing publications, is best known in the Northwest as a lecturer at events such as the Seattle International Boat Show, Northwest fishing clubs, International Sportsmen's shows, and as a host/organizer of salmon fishing classes and seminars from Canada to Oregon.

He began his fishing career at age 14 as a deckhand on the Westport charter fleet.  Years on the ocean fisheries sparked his love of big game sport fishing. While serving in the Navy, he pursued billfish in exotic locations such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mid Way Island, Tonga, Hawaii and other locations around the South Pacific.

After returning to Washington, John devoted his time to fishing the waters of the Northwest, Alaska and British Columbia.  His love of the sport and his concern for its preservation led him to become a founding member of the Gig Harbor Puget Sound Anglers Chapter where he served as its first president and on the Puget Sound Anglers State Board for several years.

During this period, he honed his skills as a writer, lecturer and television personality.  He is a featured monthly columnist for The Reel News.  His passion for introducing new anglers to the sport led to his founding of a new, all encompassing project aptly named  John is the Captain of the Team Lowrance Boat and a pro angler.

Capt. John and his wife, Norine, currently reside in University Place Washington where he is regularly featured on local radio and television shows promoting salmon and tuna fishing opportunities.  He holds a USCG Master License and is an International Game Fish Association (IFGA) Certified Captain. He also holds current active memberships in the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association and the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

John is a long time senior pro-staffer for Navico Electronics which owns Lowrance, Simrad and B&G marine electronics. John is certified in all Navico products. He provides vast knowledge in operating electronics for all NW fisheries.

Lowrance On Water Training


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